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Plant Roots

Would Nature have placed our very means of survival — food — in mobile animals, another mammal's milk, and under a hen or in 260,000 varieties of plants spread over the earth? The answer appears obvious, yet the majority of Americans consume a diet centered around meat, diary, and eggs. Of course, until Copernicus came along, the majority of Americans also believed the sun revolved around the earth.

Rex Bowlby captures in his vegan book, Plant Roots, all the compelling evidence, with no less than 1001 supporting bibliographical references, and weaves them into a unique 101 story, 500 page presentation fitting together the jigsaw puzzle pieces to show us a picture that is unmistakable — that humans are natural vegetarians.

Plant Roots shows us how we came to center our diet on meat, dairy, and eggs, why we shouldn't be eating them, and how we can get back to our...plant roots.


"This book is clear, focused, and direct. Rex Bowlby has taken a subject that can be full of complexities and confusions, and made it simple and totally user friendly. Plant Roots is engaging and accessible. It will save lives."
--John Robbins, author The Food Revolution
and Diet for a New America. Founder - EarthSave International.

"Just give me the facts — and Rex Bowlby does, with this thorough, well-organized, fully-referenced explanation of the miraculous benefits of a plant-food based diet for you and for the whole human race. After reading Plant Roots only the most bullheaded will fail to be changed to healthier food choices. This book will have a permanent place on my library shelf."
--John McDougall, M.D., Author and Medical Director - McDougall