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  Phobos Jury Members: Related Websites

  • - Orson Scott Card’s official website.
  • - Doug Chiang’s official website featuring Robota news and images.
  • - Known Space, the unofficial Larry Niven homepage.
  • - Catherine Asaro’s homepage.
  • - Vincent Di Fate’s official website, featuring a gallery of his SF illustrations.
  • - The National Aeronautics and Space Administration website, featuring more information about Astronaut Marsha Ivins.
  • - The Case Western Reserve University Physics Department website featuring information about department chairman Lawrence Krauss.
  • - The official Matrix website.
  • - The SCI FI Channel’s official website.

  SF Writers' Resources

  • - The SFF provides discussion groups for all varieties of genre literature, from fantasy to romance, from science fiction to mysteries. Authors, editors, and readers are welcome.
  • - Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America information and advice about the practical aspects of being a writer, as well as news and information about the genre.