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  Phobos Favorites

Welcome to Phobos Favorites. This is the part of the site where Phobos Webmaster Doni Farkovits and I get to express our opinions about books, movies, music, websites and whatever else strikes our fancy. We don’t claim to be experts. We are simply fellow fans who may have stumbled across a few bits of media that you might find interesting.

Being the creative person that I am, I will often ramble on and wax poetic about my favorites, while Doni, being the efficient minded man that he is, will usually be more direct and to the point. But rest assured we are always sincere and would never steer you wrong.

This list will be updated every month. If any of you out there wants to return the favor, so to speak, and recommend something we might enjoy, please feel free to email us at If we like your recommendation enough, who knows, it may end up as a future Phobos Favorite.

- Christian O’Toole, Creative Director