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  Company Mission: An Empire of Dreams and Miracles

Phobos Entertainment is an ambitious young company dedicated to creating high quality science fiction entertainment across the full spectrum of mass media. From books and movies to TV and video games, Phobos is working to help science fiction writers, artists and multi-media creators realize their fantastic visions of the future and share them with the world. Veteran movie producer Sandra Schulberg and her business partner Moon Cho launched the Phobos mission in 2000 with the dream of creating a company that could produce intelligent, insightful entertainment limited only by the boundaries of the imagination. With support from a talented crew of true believers, and some very experienced business partners, Phobos has energetically exploded into the universe like a newly formed galaxy bursting forth from the Big Bang.

Phobos Books was formed in 2001. Its first title, Empire of Dreams and Miracles: The Phobos Science Fiction Anthology was published in September 2002. Edited by Orson Scott Card and Keith Olexa, the Anthology collects the 12 winning short stories from the 1st Annual Phobos Fiction Contest and showcases the literary talents of emerging science fiction authors. The 2nd Phobos Fiction Contest resulted in the 2nd Anthology Hitting the Skids in Pixeltown, and includes stories by some of the previous Phobos Award winners. The celebrity juries for the previous and forthcoming anthologies include Ringworld author Larry Niven, Nebula Award-winner Catherine Asaro, and NASA Astronaut Marsha Ivins, astrophysicist and author Lawrence Krauss, The Matrix executive producer Andrew Mason, Oscar-winning Star Wars designer Doug Chang, editor and writer Jim Shooter, Star Log editor Dave McDonnald, Sci-Fi Channel senior VP Tom Vitale, Analog editor and author Stanley Schmidt, Oscar-winning computer scientist Ken Perlin, Phobos co-founder John Roche and best-selling author Orson Scott Card.

Phobos Books is publishing more and more work by the Phobos Award-winning authors, such as James Maxey's novel Nobody Gets the Girls and the first in a new Galaxy series Absolutely Brilliant in Chrome.

Production is slated to begin soon on Graveland, the first Phobos film, a co-production with the SCI FI Channel that was developed by Moon Cho and SCI FI Channel executives. The production is financed by Phobos strategic partner Brainstorm Media.

Phobos is also moving forward with exciting video game, web comic, and radio projects. Check back at for more information on these projects in the months to come.

The Phobos team is creating a new home on a distant planet. It is a long and often difficult process to create something from nothing; but the rewards are well worth the effort. We envision Phobos as our very own Empire of Dreams and Miracles.