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  Winners of 3rd Annual Phobos Fiction Contest Posted!

Phobos Books Next Contest Anthology is ALL THE RAGE THIS YEAR!

Congratulations to the winners of the 3rd Annual Phobos Fiction Contest! Phobos Books slides down the razor's edge of science fiction, and the authors of these 12 winning stories have kept us sharp! All of these "mind-bending, reality twisting" tales are slated to be published in the 3rd Annual Phobos Science Fiction Anthology, edited by Keith Olexa, entitled All the Rage This Year.

Phobos would like to thank the members of this year's jury: Orson Scott Card, Jeanne Cavelos, Doug Chiang, Ken Perlin, Stanley Schmidt and Eleanor Wood, for their lending their expertise to the selection process. And a very special thanks and kudos goes out to all the talented authors who submitted to the 3rd Annual Phobos Fiction Contest. From all of us at Phobos Books—we couldn’t have done this without you!

This year’s winners are…

  1. “And Cry the Name of David” by Virginia Baker
  2. “GoldenTown” by Daniel Conover
  3. “The Big Shot” by Susan Fry
  4. “The Man Who Murdered Himself” by Nancy Fulda
  5. “The Second Chance of Clevon Walker” by Eric Griffin
  6. “Dissident” by Julie Hyzy
  7. “Veil of Ignorance” by David Barr Kirtley
  8. “Earl Billings and the Angels of the Lord” by James Maxey
  9. “Two Rooms and All the Electricity You Can Eat” by M.T. Reiten
  10. “The Walls Within” by Lane Robbins
  11. “The Man Who Moved the Moon” by Eric James Stone
  12. “All the Rage This Year” by David Walton
Look for Phobos Books latest titles, the Phobos Galaxy anthology Absolutely Brilliant in Chrome and Adam Connell’s debut SF actioner Counterfeit Kings, in bookstores today!


  3rd Annual Phobos Fiction Contest -- Finalists' Stories Sent to Jury

Because of the large number of submissions this year, and overall quality of the stories, the pre-selection committee submitted 25 stories to the jury for the 3rd Annual Phobos Fiction Contest. The jury is expected to complete its deliberations and select the 12 winning stories by mid-December, 2003.

The 25 story titles are:

"A Timely Education"
"All the Rage This Year"
"And Cry the Name of David"
"Big Shot, The"
"Come to Dust"
"Earl Billings and the Angels of the Lord"
"Future Games: 2050"
"Golden Town"
"Noah's Children"
"Sounds of a Future"
"The End of the Beginning"
"The Forgotten War"
"The Man Who Moved the Moon"
"The Man Who Murdered Himself"
"The Second Chance of Clevon Walker"
"The Truth Will Not Save You"
"The Walls Within"
"Tried as an Adult"
"Two Rooms and all the Electricity..."
"Veil Of Ignorance"

The 1st anthology -- Empire of Dreams and Miracles -- was published in September 2002, and includes an introduction and preface to each story by Orson Scott Card. It was named one of the "Best SF Anthologies of 2002" by LOCUS Magazine, which wrote: "Many of these authors are worth watching, and the Phobos contest might well become a consistent proving ground for up-and-coming SF authors."

The 2nd anthology -- Hitting the Skids in Pixeltown -- was published in September 2003, and can be ordered now from online retailers or from us (see Store).